What We Do

The Police Foundation is an independent, non-partisan and non-membership organization dedicated to improving policing through innovation and science. As such, the Police Foundation can conduct its work and provide services that are independent of partisan, corporate or member views and only influenced by science, facts and data, which makes it unique among most other law enforcement professional organizations and associations.

The Police Foundation has been in existence for 45 years, making it the oldest non-membership, nationally-known non-profit organization solely dedicated to improving policing. Over the last 45 years, the Police Foundation has supported or conducted numerous scientific studies in policing, many of which are now considered historic or seminal research (e.g., the Kansas City Preventative Patrol Experiment), which not only changed policing as we once knew it, but continue to influence policing today.

The Police Foundation has also worked with federal funding partners, state governments, cities, counties and private sector organizations to conduct studies, assessments, training and technical assistance related to crime and policing. This work has included organizational, operational, technological and administrative analysis and assessments as well as assessments of responses to crime and disorder and the extent to which evidence-based approaches are or could be leveraged.

The Police Foundation’s role as an organization dedicated to examining and encouraging the use of science- or evidence-based and innovative approaches to improve policing allows it to bring a highly-specialized and unique perspective to its work and results and to align recommendations with effective strategies and approaches.

All of the Police Foundation’s services are conducted through our diverse and experienced in-house staff, Executive, Policing, Research, International and Innovation Fellows, and expert consultants and are delivered through a team-oriented approach.

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The services provided by Police Foundation include: