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break-greyThe National Police Foundation’s mission is to advance policing through innovation and science. It is the oldest nationally-known, non-profit, non-partisan, and non-membership-driven organization dedicated to improving America’s most noble profession – policing.

The National Police Foundation has been on the cutting edge of police innovation for 50 years since it was established by the Ford Foundation as a result of the President’s Commission on the Challenge of Crime in a Free Society.

Advancing Policing Through Innovation and Science.

The National Police Foundation is an independent, non-partisan and non-membership organization dedicated to improving policing through innovation and science.

More about what we do:

The National Police Foundation has succeeded in conducting many short and long-term studies on behalf of, or with support from, federal, state, and local entities, private entities and private philanthropies. Our studies have included social and behavioral science research and evaluations, using both traditional and non-traditional methods. The Police Foundation has also conducted numerous experimental studies including several randomized controlled trials. Our internal team of scientists and researchers coupled with our Executive, Policing, Research…

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Training Programs: The National Police Foundation and its staff have successfully delivered training to a variety of policing and criminal justice organizations, with funding support from federal agencies and as part of the National Police Foundation’s contribution to the policing community. The National Police Foundation also routinely partners with other organizations, such as the International Association of Crime Analysts, to deliver basic and advanced training to specific audiences. Training delivered by the National Police Foundation has covered a variety of topics, including crime analysis…

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Agency Assessments: The National Police Foundation has provided independent agency assessment support to many agencies at the state and local level. Our assessments are comprehensive and data-driven, resulting in action-oriented recommendations.

Program Assessments & Evaluations: The National Police Foundation has conducted program assessments and evaluations of agency programs and strategies, including preventative patrol, violence reduction, youth violence, educational levels in policing, immigration…

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2020 GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency


The National Police Foundation was awarded a 2020 GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency – the highest rating for non-profit organizations. The NPF does NOT solicit donations via phone calls – ever. We accept donations online via a secure website or the U.S. Mail and are grateful for your support in any amount. If you received a phone call asking for a donation, please rest assured it was not from us.