After-Action Review

Maintaining First Amendment Rights and Public Safety in North Minneapolis: An After-Action Assessment of the Police Response to Protests, Demonstrations, and Occupation of the Minneapolis Police Department’s Fourth Precinct

Publication Date

March 2017


Police Foundation


This after-action review (AAR) of the 18-day occupation of the front lawn and the street in front of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) Fourth Precinct, completed by PF, provides a comprehensive overview of the occupation from the perspectives of the MPD, elected leaders, demonstrators, and community members. The AAR identifies findings and recommendations as they relate to the response in Minneapolis, but apply more generally to civil disturbances across the nation. The findings and recommendations in this report center on leadership; command and control; response to civil disorder; accountability and transparency; internal communications; public information and media; use of force; intelligence gathering; training; equipment and tools for managing demonstrations; officer safety, wellness, and resilience; and community engagement and relationships.

Recommended Citation

Straub, F. Aden, H., Brown, J., Gorban, B., Monroe, R., and Zeunik, J. (2017). Maintaining First Amendment rights and public safety in North Minneapolis: An after-action assessment of the police response to protests, demonstrations, and occupation of the Minneapolis Police Department’s fourth precinct. Washington, DC: Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.