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Ideas in American Policing Library

Ideas in American Policing is the Police Foundation’s flagship seminar and publication series. Featuring world renowned criminologists, this series pushes the boundaries of modern day policing and encourages us to think about policing in new and innovative ways. It has been instrumental in advancing research in the policing field, covering cutting edge topics such as evidence-based policing, harm-focused policing, effectiveness versus equity in policing, and translating police research into practice.

From Dr. Lawrence W. Sherman’s 1998 discussion of evidence-based policing and Dr. Anthony Braga’s perspective on embedded criminologists, to Dr. David Weisburd’s work on place-based policing, the Ideas in American Policing series has brought informed discussion and debate to the forefront. It represents the pinnacle of innovation and science in the policing profession and is at the core of the Police Foundation’s mission to advance policing.

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