Fraud Alert: Calls Soliciting Donations for the “Police Foundation”


This post is updated with a statement about the third party service provider used to collect donations, as well as a link to our privacy policy. Furthermore, this post serves as a reminder that the national Police Foundation does NOT solicit donations via phone, and that if you have been contacted via telephone and asked to make a donation to the national Police Foundation in Washington, D.C., it is a scam.

The Police Foundation, a national, Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organization dedicated to advancing policing through science and innovation, has received information from several individuals who have been contacted by solicitors asking for donations in support of the “Police Foundation.”

The Police Foundation does NOT solicit donations from anyone via phone. If you have been contacted via telephone and asked to make donations to the national Police Foundation in Washington, D.C., this is a scam.

Please note that many legitimate local (and unaffiliated) police foundations and organizations DO solicit donations from local communities and may do so via telephone. If you receive such a call, we encourage you to take note of who is calling (by name and number), the date and time. We also encourage you to require donation information to be sent to you via U.S. Mail before considering any donation.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) maintains an online reporting system for telemarketing and other scams, which can be found at and many State Attorneys General offer assistance in reporting and responding to fraud.

Unfortunately scammers sometimes exploit the names of honorable organizations in an attempt to trick generous individuals into making donations. Please be aware of this. We do our best to prevent individuals from illegally using our name in an attempt to fraudulently collect donations. We continue to maintain awareness on our site that these types of scams exist.

The Police Foundation will closely monitor the information and complaints it receives and will share information with authorities as appropriate.


Our donations are handled through a third party service provider: PayPal, Inc., who has its own privacy and security policies. When making a donation, PayPal, Inc. may collect personal identification information to process the payment. In order to complete the donation form, users may be asked to share, as appropriate, their name, email address, and phone number. PayPal, Inc. is regarded as a highly-secure online payment option; however, the Police Foundation is not responsible for the practices of websites linked to our site. Please visit the PayPal, Inc. website to view their security policies on collecting your personal identification information.

For more information, please view our Privacy Policy:

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