Management Studies & Assessments | National Police Foundation

Management Studies & Assessments

Agency Assessments

The Police Foundation has provided independent agency assessment support to many agencies at the state and local level. Our assessments are comprehensive and data-driven, resulting in action-oriented recommendations.


Program Assessments & Evaluations

The Police Foundation has conducted program assessments and evaluations of agency programs and strategies, including preventative patrol, violence reduction, youth violence, educational levels in policing, immigration, domestic violence, shift work, community policing, crime analysis, hot spot policing, community policing and engagement, police legitimacy, evidence based policing, use of force, technology, and investigative excellence.


Evidence-Based Policing Alignment Studies

Aligning agency programs, strategies and tactics with evidence and research is a key focus for many agencies. The Police Foundation specializes in conducting studies of this alignment and making recommendations for improvement, as well as identifying best practices to be replicated.


Technology Analysis

Exploring new technologies and approaches and their potential usefulness in improving policing is a high priority for the Police Foundation. While the Foundation does not endorse specific, proprietary products or manufacturers, our work in this area is focused on assisting the private sector as well as the public sector in developing new technologies and approaches that can advance policing and crime reduction. The Police Foundation is able to conduct developmental research, assist in use case development, support testing and evaluation, and providing technical assistance in bringing proven technologies to market. The Police Foundation does not endorse proprietary technologies or products and does not provide marketing, business development or sales support under any circumstances.


Technical Assistance

The Police Foundation is available to assist agencies through customized technical assistance in any area of policing, including problem identification, strategy development, organizational and policy issues, and operational assessments and critical incident reviews.