The top 5 policing essays of 2017

From community connections to body cameras to training technology to use of force — from looking back at lessons from a deadly attack to looking ahead to needed policy — leaders in policing furthered discussions nationwide on important industry topics.

As we head into 2018, we at the Police Foundation are taking the opportunity to revisit the top five most read and talked about essays from 2017, because they (and the others) are worth another look.

5. Policing leaders need to align their views with the public

Do you encourage your officers to display tattoos?

As different generations become the demographics of influence, how should law enforcement evolve?

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4.  A little whimsy helps the warn-and-scold

Adding levity to serious admonitions gives the preaching a bigger audience.

Is your department using social media with the right tone?

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3. Study tries to disrupt burglary pattern

Does warning and educating homeowners surrounding a recent burglary lower break-ins?

Giving it a try yielded unexpected results.

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2. Building police legitimacy through measuring and managing performance

What is the reputation of the police in your town?

Does measuring crime rates tell us how successful our police force is?

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1. Body cameras and privacy — where do you draw the line?

Are there times an officer should be able to turn off his camera while on duty?

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