Valarie Findlay, M.A.

Valarie Findlay has nearly two decades of senior expertise in Canadian federal government and Royal Canadian Mounted Police initiatives for mission critical systems and infrastructure for public safety. She holds a Masters in Terrorism Studies from the University of St. Andrew’s and her dissertation, “The Impact of Terrorism on the Transformation of Law Enforcement”, examining the transformation of law enforcement in Western Nations due to the globalization of terrorism.

Ms. Findlay specialized in cybersecurity in her undergraduate study and works extensively in this domain; she has produced research papers in this area focusing on countering cyber-terrorism, security capabilities and strategic renewal. Currently, she is developing the Threat Information Gathering and Incident Reporting System (TIGIRS) and algorithm, which emerged from her extensive cyber security research. In her spare time, she is preparing her doctoral thesis, terrorism as a social phenomenon and its validation of Norbert Elias’ civilising process.