Sergeant Roy Davis

Sergeant Roy Davis of the New Haven Police Department is a third-generation law enforcement officer who currently serves as supervisor of the department’s shooting task force.  Since joining NHPD in 2007, Sgt. Davis has worked in patrol with a focus on walking beats and street interdiction. He has served as a supervisor in the department’s patrol division as district manager for East Shore, the largest district in the City and district manager for the downtown, which includes Yale University.  While acting as supervisor for the downtown district, Sgt. Davis developed the department’s “Green Thumb” initiative, which was designed to proactively engage business owners, reduce public loitering, and creatively motivate the homeless population to become more active within the community.  Sgt. Davis also served as a member of the department’s tactical narcotics unit, internal affairs division, and accident reconstruction team.  Additionally, Sgt. Davis led the department’s underwater search and rescue unit.

Sgt. Davis serves as a facilitator supporting the relationship between the University of New Haven and NHPD.  In this capacity, he helps expedite joint research efforts undertaken by the organizations.  Sgt. Davis has supported two such efforts involving Police Foundation—Engaging Communities One Step at a Time: Policing’s Tradition of Foot Patrol as an Innovative Strategy and Outside the Academy: Learning Community Policing through Community Engagement.  Sgt. Davis is an adjunct instructor at the University of New Haven where he teaches courses in criminal investigation and police and society.  He holds a B.S. in Juvenile Justice and a M.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of New Haven.  Sgt. Davis’ interests include evidence-based policing, community policing and collaboration, and officer wellness.


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