Melissa Reuland, M.A.

Melissa Reuland consults on research and technical assistance projects related to law enforcement responses to people with mental illness. She is currently managing a large-scale project at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry to integrate behavioral health care in primary care settings. Ms. Reuland also works with the Council of State Governments Justice Center and the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) on the Bureau of Justice Administration-funded Law Enforcement/Mental Health Partnership Project. For this project, Ms. Reuland is developing several products designed to support expansion of specialized responses to people with mental illnesses, including: Improving Responses to People with Mental Illnesses: Tailoring Law Enforcement Initiatives to Individual Jurisdictions The Essential Elements of a Specialized Law Enforcement Program, and Strategies for Effective Law Enforcement Training. Ms. Reuland worked at PERF from 1994 through 2004, after 10 years of social science research. While at PERF, Ms. Reuland directed the law enforcement track of CSG’s Criminal Justice/Mental Health Consensus Project and PERF’s prior project on the police response to people with mental illnesses, co-authoring the publication of the same name. In addition, she has published several community policing curricula, edited books on crime analysis and problem solving, and written articles for peer-reviewed journals. Ms. Reuland holds an M.A. in criminal justice from the University of Baltimore.