Stockton (CA) Police Department SHRED Evaluation

Project Purpose/Goal:

In 2017, the Stockton Police Department (SPD) developed the Safety, Health, Resilience, Endurance, and Development (SHRED) program SPD with the desired goal to reduce the number of work-related injuries and industrial disability retirements, reduce the medical and overtime costs related to these injuries, and reduce the number of work hours lost to work-related injuries. This was to be achieved by providing cutting-edge physical fitness and injury prevention evaluations through Sparta Science’s state-of-the-art physical conditioning evaluation equipment and software.  The National Police Foundation provided research support and evaluation expertise.

Approach, Results, and Implications:

In order to conduct an analysis of SHRED’s project impact, the National Police Foundation analyzed a variety of variables on all SPD officers to determine the initial effectiveness of the SHRED program. The analysis is on-going and a finalized report is expected for Spring 2019.

Funding & Collaboration:

This analysis is funded by the Stockton Police Department via a COPS Community Policing Development (CPD) Microgrant.

Point of Contact:

Dr. Julie Grieco
Senior Research Associate
National Police Foundation


Research, officer wellness, officer safety, officer fitness, analysis