Statement from National Police Foundation on Use-of-Force Incident in Minneapolis

May 27, 2020 (via The Washington Post)—The video we’ve all now seen is distressing and hard for anyone to watch. It’s also hard for any of us to even begin to understand how something like that could occur and to occur in such a seemingly oblivious way. We cannot accept it or excuse it. The Chief’s decision is certainly understandable, particularly in the sense that he would have access to all of the information that many of us do not have.

As we work with law enforcement officers and leaders across the U.S. and beyond, we have the privilege of witnessing the dedication and commitment to service, integrity, fairness and respect that countless officers have and demonstrate each and every day, even in the face of adversity and, at times, confrontation. This video and the behaviors observed do not represent them well. Instead, these actions (and inaction) jeopardize the gains that have been made through the sacrifices and courage of many.

While the full investigation may reveal additional details and facts that are unknown to most of us today, we should all come together in agreement that the glimpse we have into this encounter is not consistent with the oath that officers take or the courage and integrity that the vast majority display each and every day.

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  1. Reply B. Berman May 30, 2020 at 5:42 pm

    I hope you will take a bigger role in this conversation. Organizations like yours should be stepping up and stepping in to point out the repeated injustice and terror that black Americans face because of poor policing, poor policy, and a police culture that looks the other way at racism in their ranks. We need real change. As we’ve seen in event after event , year after year, no one is leading the charge for change. Perhaps maybe you can.

  2. Reply Laura May 31, 2020 at 9:56 am

    What actions will you take to ensure this kind of enforcement will be abolished and the police system will be reformed and amended to protect EVERY citizen in our free country?

  3. Reply Himmat Ghartimagar June 19, 2020 at 10:10 am

    I am retired police officer of Nepal police. In UN mission i have worked with police officers from the different nations.
    One thing i realized we the police officers have the almost same police culture.
    dedication and commitment to service, integrity, fairness and respect.
    In case of fatality is not consistent with the oath that officers take.
    It is really a fatality it is not encounter. It is a big mistake or nonsense act of the officer who kneeling without knowning that fatality could happen.
    The officer along with other officer who were in the scene all should bring individually under investigation not as a whole police officers and the police department.
    Police department is the backbone of the nation and the police officers are the vain. so the morale of the whole police officre should not be heart.

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