Santa Fe (New Mexico) Police Department Assessment

Project Description/Goals

The National Police Foundation (NPF) is conducting an organizational analysis of the Santa Fe Police Department at the request of the department. The project will evaluate organization efficiency, help plan future growth, and address officer hiring and retention.


Study Design & Methods

NPF is conducting a review and assessment of department staffing, training, advancement, policies, procedures, hiring and training. Along with this review of relevant documents, interviews will be conducted with stakeholders and the department. The research team will also review the employment contracts of surrounding jurisdictions for comparison to the current contract in Santa Fe.


Funding & Collaboration

This project is done in collaboration with the Santa Fe Mayor’s Office, who is funding the effort.



Santa Fe, New Mexico Police Department Staffing Needs Assessment: Final Report


Point of Contact

Dean M. Esserman
Senior Counselor, National Police Foundation
(202) 833-1460