Reducing violent crime through cross-sector partnerships—National Police Foundation collaborates with OneCOP and Indianapolis Police Department

August 25, 2020—The National Police Foundation, in partnership with MovementForward’s signature program, the OneCOP Initiative, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, and the Near West Collaborative Advisory Board is confronting violent crime through cross-sector community partnerships that facilitate police-community communication and advocate for public safety awareness in the community. As part of this ongoing initiative, its CBCR Crime Reduction Program is using social media and cutting-edge technology to reduce violent crime in the Near West Collaborative of Indianapolis, Indiana. “Community by MovementForward,” a new social media app in development, will support communities and law enforcement by relaying information, data, and statistics about local, neighborhood crime “hot spots. This will serve as an important tool in reversing the negative bias toward law enforcement by promoting the spread of positive stories, information, and images through real-time communication, and by allowing law enforcement to proactively engage their communities and faith-based organizations in order to build safer and healthier neighborhoods. 

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