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3/2017 5 Things You Need to Know About Stop, Question, and Frisk Police Foundation stop, question, and frisk, SQF 5 THINGS
10/2016 5 Things You Need to Know About Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) in Law Enforcement Police Foundation small unmanned aircraft systems, sUAS 5 Things, 5 Things
10/2016 5 Things You Need to Know About Near-Repeat Patterns and Crime Prevention Police Foundation Near Repeat 5 Things
10/2018 Responding to Persons with Mental Illness and/or Emotional Distress: An Evaluation of the Prince William County Police Department Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Program Police Foundation Assessments & Reviews
07/2018 Opinions of Officers of the Chicago Police Department on the Upcoming Consent Decree: A Report to the State of Illinois Office of the Attorney General Police Foundation Assessments and Reviews
02/2019 A Preliminary Report on the Police Foundation’s Averted School Violence Database Jeffrey Daniels, Ph.D. Averted School Violence
02/2019 A Comparison of Averted and Completed School Attacks from the Police Foundation Averted School Violence Database Peter Langman, Ph.D., and Frank Straub, Ph.D. Averted School Violence
1/2004 Compstat in Practice: An In-Depth Analysis of Three Cities Willis, James Compstat in Practice, Three Cities Compstat
1/2004 Compstat and Organizational Change in the Lowell Police Department Willis, James Compstat, Lowell Police Department Compstat
5/2011 Crime Analysis Case Studies Jones, Greg Crime Analysis, Case Studies Crime Mapping
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