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2/2015 Effectiveness vs. Equity in Policing: is a Tradeoff Inevitable? Police Foundation Ideas in American Policing
10/2014 5 Things You Need to Know about Naloxone to Save Lives Police Foundation Drug Overdose, Heroine Five Things
9/2014 Police Foundation President Jim Bueermann Testimony Before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs Police Foundation
7/2014 Embedded Criminologists in Police Departments Braga, A. Criminology, Law Enforcement, Partnerships Ideas in American Policing
6/2014 Early Identification and Intervention Systems Slide Show Amendola, PhD, Karen
6/2014 EWS Overview Slide Show Amendola, PhD, Karen
11/2013 The Mobilization of Crime Mapping & Intelligence Gathering Taniguchi, Travis Smart Phones
7/2013 Police as Nation Builders: Distinguishing Between Countries that Contribute Police Officers to United Nations Peace Operations den Heyer, Garth International Policing, Democratic Policing, United Nations Journal article
06/2013 Improving Police: What’s Craft Got to Do with It? Willis, James J. Evidence-Based Policing, Craft of Policing Ideas in American Policing
4/2013 Challenges to Policing Terrorism in Pakistan Jehangir, Ahmad Ishaque Terrorism Police Foundation Report
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