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Publication Date ⇑ Title Author Keywords Publication Series
10/1985 Police Community Stations: The Houston Field Test Wycoff, Mary Ann, Wycoff, Mary Ann Fear Reduction, Community Policing, Community Sub-Stations
12/1985 The Houston Victim Recontact Experiment – Appendices Skogan, Wesley Fear Reduction Randomized Experiments
1/1986 Reducing Fear of Crime in Houston and Newark (Summary Report) Pate, Antony Fear Reduction Practices & Strategies
7/1986 Catching Career Criminals Martin, Susan Career Criminals, Repeat Offenders Police Foundation Report
11/1986 Law Enforcement Bulletin — Police Foundation: A Special Report Deakin, T. J. Law Enforcement, Management, Police Foundation From the Archive
1/1987 Creating the Multidisciplinary Response to Child Sex Abuse: An Implementation Guide Wycoff, M. A. Law Enforcement, Child Sex Abuse, Police Response From the Archive
1/1987 Crime & Delinquency “Returning to First Principles: Reducing the Fear of Crime in Newark” Williams, H. Law Enforcement, Fear Reduction, Public Attitudes of Police From the Archive
5/1987 The Minneapolis Community Crime Prevention Experiment Pate, Anthony Community Crime Prevention, Neighborhood Watch
9/1987 STOP Should you Arrest that Person? Williams, H. Law Enforcement, Shoplifting Offenses, Arresting Policy From the Archive
11/1988 Perspectives on Policing: Debating on the Evolution of American Policing Hartmann, F. X. Law Enforcement, American Policing, Evolving Strategies From the Archive
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