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Publication Date Title Author ⇓ Keywords Publication Series
7/1998 Evidence-Based Policing Sherman, Lawrence Evidence-Based Policing Ideas in American Policing
8/1984 The Quality of Police Arrest Statistics Sherman, Lawrence Arrest Statistics Police Foundation Report
4/1984 The Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment Sherman, Lawrence Domestic Violence, Minneapolis Experiment Police Foundation Report
8/1973 Team Policing: Seven Case Studies Sherman, L. W. Law Enforcement, Team Policing, Case Studies From the Archive
4/1996 Improving Joint Investigations of Child Abuse: A Summary Report Sheppard, D. I. Law Enforcement, Child Abuse, Joint Investigations From the Archive
1/1977 The Cincinnati Team Policing Experiment: A Summary Report Schwartz, A. I. Law Enforcement, Police-Community Relations, Team Policing From the Archive
4/2009 The Role of Local Police – Appendix D Rumbaut, Ruben Immigration, Civil Liberties Immigration
2/2017 Effects of SB1636 on Processing and Dispositions of Sexual Assault Cases in Texas Robert C. Davis, Torie Camp, Susan Howley, William Wells, and Ilse Knecht
2/2017 Impact of SB1191 on Accessibility of Sexual Assault Forensic Exams in Texas Robert C. Davis, Torie Camp, Susan Howley, William Wells, and Ilse Knecht
01/2021 How Small Law Enforcement Agencies Respond to Calls Involving Persons in Crisis: Results from a National Survey Robert C. Davis, Michael Lebron, and Melissa Reuland Research and Evaluation
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