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9/1996 Officer Behavior in Police-Citizen Encounters: A Descriptive Model and Implications for Less-Than-Lethal Alternatives Amendola, PhD, Karen Officer Behavior, Less-than-lethal Alternatives Police Foundation Report
1/1996 Guns in America: Results of a Comprehensive National Survey on Firearms Ownership and Use (Technical Report) Cook, Philip J Firearms Ownership Police Foundation Report
10/1992 Spouse Abuse Research Raises New Questions About Police Response to Domestic Violence Police Foundation Spouse Abuse, Police Response, Domestic Violence Police Foundation Report
9/1992 Reconciling Higher Educational Standards and Minority Recruitment: The New York City Model Police Foundation New York City Model, Educational Standards, Minority Recruitment Police Foundation Report
5/1989 Women on the Move? A Report on the Status of Women in Policing Martin, Susan Hiring Police Foundation Report
7/1986 Catching Career Criminals Martin, Susan Career Criminals, Repeat Offenders Police Foundation Report
8/1984 The Quality of Police Arrest Statistics Sherman, Lawrence Arrest Statistics Police Foundation Report
4/1984 The Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment Sherman, Lawrence Domestic Violence, Minneapolis Experiment Police Foundation Report
1/1974 The Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment Kelling, George Preventive Patrol Police Foundation Report
04/2018 The Cleveland Division of Police Protection of the 2016 Republican National Convention: A Quick-Look Analysis of the Public Safety Best Practices and Lessons Learned Frank Straub, Rodney Monroe, Robert Haas, Jennifer Zeunik, and Ben Gorban Managing Large Scale Security Events
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