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Publication Date Title ⇑ Author Keywords Publication Series
11/2011 Shift Length Experiment Amendola, PhD, Karen Shift Length Police Foundation Report
12/2011 Shift Length Experiment: Practitioner Guide Amendola, PhD, Karen Shift Length Police Foundation Report
6/2005 Social Theory and the Street Cop: The Case of Deadly Force Klinger, David Social Theory, Deadly Force Ideas in American Policing
10/1992 Spouse Abuse Research Raises New Questions About Police Response to Domestic Violence Police Foundation Spouse Abuse, Police Response, Domestic Violence Police Foundation Report
07/2021 Staying Healthy in the Fray: The Impact of Crowd Management on Officers in the Context of Civil Unrest National Police Foundation
9/1987 STOP Should you Arrest that Person? Williams, H. Law Enforcement, Shoplifting Offenses, Arresting Policy From the Archive
01/2019 Summary Report of Survey Results: Officer Safety & Wellness and the Impact of New Technology (National Law Enforcement Applied Research & Data Platform) National Police Foundation
7/2018 Tackling Near Repeat Crime – Strategy Brief Police Foundation
8/1973 Team Policing: Seven Case Studies Sherman, L. W. Law Enforcement, Team Policing, Case Studies From the Archive
1/1976 Three Approaches to Criminal Apprehension in Kansas City: An Evaluation Report Pate, T. Et. Al. Law Enforcement, Location-Oriented Patrol, Perpetrator-Oriented Patrol From the Archive
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