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10/2017 Policing around the Nation: Education, Philosophy, and Practice Christie Gardiner, Ph.D.
8/2017 Outside the Academy: Learning Community Policing through Community Engagement Anne Li Kringen, Ph.D. & Jonathan Allen Kringen, Ph.D. Ideas in American Policing
7/2017 5 Things You Need to Know About Crime Gun Intelligence Centers Police Foundation 5 Things
7/2017 Archival Review of Complaints of Sexual Assaults Committed in Places of Public Accommodation Police Foundation
5/2017 Managing the Response to a Mobile Mass Shooting Frank Straub, Ph.D., Brett Cowell, Jennifer Zeunik, and Ben Gorban Critical Incident Reviews
3/2017 5 Things on Analyzing Police Traffic Stop Data Police Foundation analyzing police traffic stop data
3/2017 Maintaining First Amendment Rights and Public Safety in North Minneapolis Police Foundation Critical Incident Reviews
3/2017 5 Things You Need to Know About Stop, Question, and Frisk Police Foundation stop, question, and frisk, SQF 5 THINGS
2/2017 A Review of the Baltimore Police Department’s Use of Persistent Surveillance Police Foundation
2/2017 Effects of SB1636 on Processing and Dispositions of Sexual Assault Cases in Texas Robert C. Davis, Torie Camp, Susan Howley, William Wells, and Ilse Knecht
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