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Publication Date Title ⇓ Author Keywords Publication Series
7/1985 Citizen Contact Patrol: The Houston Field Test Wycoff, Mary Ann Fear of Crime, Community Policing
1/1977 The Cincinnati Team Policing Experiment: A Summary Report Schwartz, A. I. Law Enforcement, Police-Community Relations, Team Policing From the Archive
4/2013 Challenges to Policing Terrorism in Pakistan Jehangir, Ahmad Ishaque Terrorism Police Foundation Report
7/1986 Catching Career Criminals Martin, Susan Career Criminals, Repeat Offenders Police Foundation Report
03/2019 Building and Managing a Successful Public Safety UAS Program: Practical Guidance and Lessons Learned from the Early Adopters Chief Donald L. Shinnamon (Ret.), and Brett Cowell UAS, drones, unmanned aircraft systems Technology and Innovation
9/2002 Bringing Victims into Community Policing Herman, Susan Community Policing, Victims Domestic Violence & Victims
9/2016 Bringing Calm to Chaos: A Police Foundation Review of the San Bernardino Terrorist Attacks Police Foundation Critical Incident Reviews
1/1991 The Big Six: Policing America’s Largest Cities Pate, Antony Law Enforcement, Comparative Policing From the Archive
9/2004 Biased Policing Project- Final Report Amendola, PhD, Karen Biased Policing Police Foundation Report
03/2019 Best Practices in Early Intervention System Implementation and Use in Law Enforcement Agencies Karen L. Amendola, PhD Chief Behavioral Scientist Robert C. Davis, Chief Social Scientist
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