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Publication Date Title ⇓ Author Keywords Publication Series
02/2019 A Comparison of Averted and Completed School Attacks from the Police Foundation Averted School Violence Database Peter Langman, Ph.D., and Frank Straub, Ph.D. Averted School Violence
4/1993 Community Policing in Madison: Quality From the Inside, Out – An Evaluation of Implementation and Impact, Executive Summary Wycoff, M. A. Law Enforcement, Community-Oriented Policing, Employee-Oriented Management From the Archive
03/2020 Community Policing in Baltimore: Perspectives from Baltimore Police Department Personnel National Police Foundation
11/2016 Community Policing & Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS): Guidelines to Enhance Community Trust Maria Valdovinos, James Specht, Jennifer Zeunik
5/2015 Colorado’s Legalization of Marijuana and the Impact on Public Safety: A Practical Guide for Law Enforcement Police Foundation Marijuana, Law Enforcement
10/2015 Collaborative Reform Initiative: An Assessment of the St. Louis County Police Department Police Foundation
04/2018 The Cleveland Division of Police Protection of the 2016 Republican National Convention: A Quick-Look Analysis of the Public Safety Best Practices and Lessons Learned Frank Straub, Rodney Monroe, Robert Haas, Jennifer Zeunik, and Ben Gorban Managing Large Scale Security Events
4/1993 Civil Disorder: A Compilation of Papers Presented Before the Police Foundation National Conference Police Foundation Law Enforcement, Post-Rodney King Incident, Civil Disorder From the Archive
10/1992 The City in Crisis Webster, William H
7/1985 Citizen Contact Patrol: The Houston Field Test Wycoff, Mary Ann Fear of Crime, Community Policing
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