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9/2004 Biased Policing Project- Final Report Amendola, PhD, Karen Biased Policing Police Foundation Report
9/1996 Officer Behavior in Police-Citizen Encounters: A Descriptive Model and Implications for Less-Than-Lethal Alternatives Amendola, PhD, Karen Officer Behavior, Less-than-lethal Alternatives Police Foundation Report
1/1996 Assessing Law Enforcement Ethics: A Summary Report Based on the Study Conducted with the Oregon Department of State Police Amendola, PhD, Karen Ethics
6/2008 Police Pursuits After Scott v Harris: Far from Ideal? Alpert, Geoffrey Police Pursuits, Scott v. Harris Ideas in American Policing
4/2009 The Role of Local Police – Appendix C Aldana, Raquel Immigration, Civil Liberties Immigration
02/2020 How to Conduct an After Action Review Police Foundation
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission Initial Report Police Foundation
Police Data Initiative: Best Practices Guide (5-Part Series) Police Foundation
7/2018 Tackling Near Repeat Crime – Strategy Brief Police Foundation
12/2017 Rescue, Response, and Resilience: A Critical Incident Review of the Orlando Public Safety Response to the Attack on the Pulse Nightclub Police Foundation Critical Incident Reviews
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