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Publication Date ⇓ Title Author Keywords Publication Series
2/1998 Policing in America: Assessment and Prospects Bayley, David Policing, America Ideas in American Policing
1/1997 Guns in America Cook, Philip Firearm Ownership, Firearm Use, Guns
9/1996 Officer Behavior in Police-Citizen Encounters: A Descriptive Model and Implications for Less-Than-Lethal Alternatives Amendola, PhD, Karen Officer Behavior, Less-than-lethal Alternatives Police Foundation Report
4/1996 Improving Joint Investigations of Child Abuse: A Summary Report Sheppard, D. I. Law Enforcement, Child Abuse, Joint Investigations From the Archive
4/1996 Drugs and Crime Across America: Police Chiefs Speak Out (1996) Police Foundation Drugs, Crime, Police Chiefs Drug Enforcement
1/1996 Guns in America: Results of a Comprehensive National Survey on Firearms Ownership and Use (Technical Report) Cook, Philip J Firearms Ownership Police Foundation Report
1/1996 Assessing Law Enforcement Ethics: A Summary Report Based on the Study Conducted with the Oregon Department of State Police Amendola, PhD, Karen Ethics
03/1995 Death on Patrol: Felonious Homicides of American Police Officers Lorie A. Frideli, Florida State University; Antony M. Pate, Police Foundation
1/1995 The Years of Controversy: The Los Angeles Police Commission 1991-1993 Novak, C. A. Law Enforcement, Los Angeles Police Commision, Use of Force From the Archive
09/1993 Evaluating Patrol Officer Performance Under Community Policing: The Houston Experience Wycoff, M. A. Law Enforcement, Police Performance, Community Policing From the Archive
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