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2/1981 Police Shootings and the Prosecutor in Los Angeles County: An Evaluation of Operation Rollout Uchida, C. D. Law Enforcement, Officer-Involved Shootings, Evaluation of Investigations From the Archive
1/1977 Police Use of Deadly Force Milton, C. H. Et. Al. Law Enforcement, Use of Deadly Force, Standardized Procedures From the Archive
1/1993 Police Use of Force: Official Reports, Citizen Complaints, And Legal Consequences Pate, A. M. Et. Al. Law Enforcement, Use of Force, National Survey From the Archive
2/1973 Police Women on Patrol Bloch, P Police, Law Enforcement, Female Officers From the Archives
12/2001 Policing Anonymity Foster, Donald Police Anonymity, Investigation Ideas in American Policing
10/2017 Policing around the Nation: Education, Philosophy, and Practice Christie Gardiner, Ph.D.
3/1999 Policing For People Mastrofski, Stephen Community Policing Ideas in American Policing
2/1998 Policing in America: Assessment and Prospects Bayley, David Policing, America Ideas in American Policing
7/2012 Policing Terrorism LaFree, Gary Terrorism Ideas in American Policing
12/2010 Policing Through Human Rights Greene, Jack Human Rights, Democratic Policing Ideas in American Policing
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