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08/2020 National Survey on Officer Training: Executive Brief National Police Foundation Officer Safety, Law Enforcement Training Research and Evaluation
06/2020 Police Body Cameras: What Have We Learned Over Ten Years of Deployment? National Police Foundation Body worn cameras, BWCs Research and Evaluation
03/2020 Community Policing in Baltimore: Perspectives from Baltimore Police Department Personnel National Police Foundation
03/2020 Conversations with Rural Law Enforcement Leaders: Volume I National Police Foundation Rural, Listening Session, COPS, OJP, BJA, South Dakota, Montana, Iowa, Utah, Oklahoma
02/2020 Baltimore Community Input to the Baltimore Police Department Community Policing Plan National Police Foundation
02/2020 How to Conduct an After Action Review Police Foundation
12/2019 2019 Annual Report National Police Foundation
10/2019 Planning for the Future: A Primer for Police Leaders on Futures Thinking National Police Foundation, Police Futurists International
10/2019 Evaluation of the Milwaukee Police Department’s Crime Gun Intelligence Center Christopher Koper, Heather Vovak, and Brett Cowell CGIC, crime gun intelligence centers, NIBIN, IBIS, Milwaukee, National Integrated Ballistics Information Network, gun violence, crime gun, investigations, clearances Research and Evaluation
09/2019 Officer Involved Shootings: Understanding the Complexities Darrel W. Stephens
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