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Publication Date Title Author ⇓ Keywords Publication Series
12/2010 Policing Through Human Rights Greene, Jack Human Rights, Democratic Policing Ideas in American Policing
4/2009 The Role of Local Police – Appendix J Gordon, Phil Immigration, Civil Liberties Immigration
4/2009 The Role of Local Police – Appendix E Gonzales, Roberto Immigration, Civil Liberties Immigration
1/1975 Police Corruption: A perspective on its nature and control Goldstein, H. Law Enforcement, Police Corruption From the Archive
7/1993 A Report to the Governor on the Disturbances in Crown Heights Girgenti, R. H. Police effectiveness, Violence reduction, New York From the Archive
1/1982 Readings on Police Use of Deadly Force Fyfe, J. J. Police, Law Enforcement, Use of Force From the Archive
04/2018 The Cleveland Division of Police Protection of the 2016 Republican National Convention: A Quick-Look Analysis of the Public Safety Best Practices and Lessons Learned Frank Straub, Rodney Monroe, Robert Haas, Jennifer Zeunik, and Ben Gorban Managing Large Scale Security Events
08/2019 Recovering and Moving Forward: Lessons Learned and Recommendations Following the Shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Frank Straub, PhD; Blake Norton; Jennifer Zeunik; Brett Meade; Ben Gorban; Rebecca Benson; Joyce Iwashita; Alyse Folino Ley, MD; Michael Johnson Critical Incident Review; MSDHS; Center for Mass Violence Response Studies; Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
5/2017 Managing the Response to a Mobile Mass Shooting Frank Straub, Ph.D., Brett Cowell, Jennifer Zeunik, and Ben Gorban Critical Incident Reviews
12/2001 Policing Anonymity Foster, Donald Police Anonymity, Investigation Ideas in American Policing
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