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Publication Date Title ⇓ Author Keywords Publication Series
9/2005 Mutual Aid: Multijurisdictional Partnerships for Meeting Regional Threats Police Foundation Multijurisdictional Partnerships From the Archive
2/2003 A Multijurisdictional Assessment of Traffic Enforcement and Data Collection in Kansas Lamberth, John Racial Profiling, Multijurisdictional Assessment Practices & Strategies
5/1992 Modern Policing and the Control of Illegal Drugs: Testing New Strategies in Two American Cities Uchida, C. D. Law Enforcement, Models of Policing, Controlling Drug Crime From the Archive
4/1974 Model Rules: Searches, Seizures, and Inventories of Motor Vehicles LaSota, J. A. Law Enforcement, Searches and Seizures, Model Rules From the Archive
11/2013 The Mobilization of Crime Mapping & Intelligence Gathering Taniguchi, Travis Smart Phones
4/1984 The Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment Sherman, Lawrence Domestic Violence, Minneapolis Experiment Police Foundation Report
5/1987 The Minneapolis Community Crime Prevention Experiment Pate, Anthony Community Crime Prevention, Neighborhood Watch
07/2018 Micro-Level Policing for Preventing Near Repeat Residential Burglary Dr. Elizabeth R. Groff and Dr. Travis A. Taniguchi
10/1992 Metro-Dade Spouse Abuse Replication Project – Technical Report Pate, Antony Fear Reduction Randomized Experiments
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission Initial Report Police Foundation
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