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Publication Date Title Author ⇓ Keywords Publication Series
8/2004 Police Departments as Learning Laboratories Maguire, Edward Learning Laboratories Ideas in American Policing
8/2009 Translating Police Research into Practice Lum, Cynthia Translational Criminology Ideas in American Policing
03/1995 Death on Patrol: Felonious Homicides of American Police Officers Lorie A. Frideli, Florida State University; Antony M. Pate, Police Foundation
4/1974 Model Rules: Searches, Seizures, and Inventories of Motor Vehicles LaSota, J. A. Law Enforcement, Searches and Seizures, Model Rules From the Archive
1/1977 Performance Appraisal in Police Departments Landy, F. J. Law Enforcement, Personnel Management, Information Systems From the Archive
2/2003 A Multijurisdictional Assessment of Traffic Enforcement and Data Collection in Kansas Lamberth, John Racial Profiling, Multijurisdictional Assessment Practices & Strategies
7/2012 Policing Terrorism LaFree, Gary Terrorism Ideas in American Policing
5/2007 Mapping for Community-Based Prisoner Reentry Efforts La Vigne, Nancy Prisoner Reentry, Mapping Crime Mapping
12/2009 Customer Satisfaction: Crime Victims’ Willingness to Call the Police Kruttschnitt, Candace Crime Victims, Police Reporting Ideas in American Policing
6/2005 Social Theory and the Street Cop: The Case of Deadly Force Klinger, David Social Theory, Deadly Force Ideas in American Policing
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