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1/1985 Reducing the “Signs of Crime”: The Newark Experience Pate, Anthony Signs of Crime, Disorder Policing, Community Policing Fear Reduction
9/1992 The New York City Police Cadet Corps Evaluation: Technical Report Pate, A., Et. Al. Law Enforcement, Police Cadet Program, Higher Education From the Archive
1/1993 Police Use of Force: Official Reports, Citizen Complaints, And Legal Consequences Pate, A. M. Et. Al. Law Enforcement, Use of Force, National Survey From the Archive
1/1976 Police Response Time: Its Determinants and Effects Pate, , T. Response Time
4/2009 The Role of Local Police – Appendix I Passel, Jeffrey Immigration, Civil Liberties Immigration
1/1995 The Years of Controversy: The Los Angeles Police Commission 1991-1993 Novak, C. A. Law Enforcement, Los Angeles Police Commision, Use of Force From the Archive
10/2019 Planning for the Future: A Primer for Police Leaders on Futures Thinking National Police Foundation, Police Futurists International
09/2021 5 Things You Need to Know About Ghost Guns National Police Foundation
08/2021 The Proliferation of Ghost Guns: Regulation Gaps and Challenges for Law Enforcement National Police Foundation Research and Evaluation
07/2021 Staying Healthy in the Fray: The Impact of Crowd Management on Officers in the Context of Civil Unrest National Police Foundation
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