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Publication Date Title ⇑ Author Keywords Publication Series
1/2009 Crime Mapping News Volume 8 Issue 1 Police Foundation Crime Mapping News, Volume 8 Issue 1 Crime Mapping News
04/2021 A Crisis of Trust: A National Police Foundation Report to the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners on the Los Angeles Police Department Response to First Amendment Assemblies and Protests Occurring May 27 – June 7, 2020 Police Foundation
1/2002 Crossing the Borders of Crime: Factors Influencing the Utility and Practicality of Interjurisdictional Crime Mapping Eck, John Interjurisdictional, Crime Mapping Crime Mapping
12/2009 Customer Satisfaction: Crime Victims’ Willingness to Call the Police Kruttschnitt, Candace Crime Victims, Police Reporting Ideas in American Policing
1/1978 The Dallas Experience: Human Resource Development Kelling, G. L. Law Enforcement, Police Education, Recruiting Minorities From the Archive
1/1978 The Dallas Experience: Organizational Reform Wycoff, M. A. Law Enforcement, Managing Innovative Change, Police Reform From the Archive
03/1995 Death on Patrol: Felonious Homicides of American Police Officers Lorie A. Frideli, Florida State University; Antony M. Pate, Police Foundation
06/2019 Do Body Cameras Affect the Quality of Victim-Police Interactions in Field Interviews? National Police Foundation
1/1977 Domestic Violence and the Police: Studies in Detroit and Kansas City Wilt, G. M. et. al. Law Enforcement, Domestic Violence, Threats as Predictors From the Archive
1/1993 Drug Enforcement in Public Housing Signs of Success in Denver Annan, Sampson Public Housing, Crime Reduction, Fear Reduction
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