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Publication Date Title ⇓ Author Keywords Publication Series
1/1995 The Years of Controversy: The Los Angeles Police Commission 1991-1993 Novak, C. A. Law Enforcement, Los Angeles Police Commision, Use of Force From the Archive
5/1989 Women on the Move? Status of Women in Policing Martin, S. E. Law Enforcement, Women in Policing, Eliminating Discrimination From the Archive
5/1989 Women on the Move? A Report on the Status of Women in Policing Martin, Susan Hiring Police Foundation Report
12/1974 Women in Policing: A Manual Milton, C. H. Et. Al. Law Enforcement, Women in Policing, Legislative Case Studies From the Archive
5/2015 Wilmington Public Safety Strategies Commission Final Report Police Foundation
11/2017 Using GPS Technology to Investigate Crime Trends Commander Travis Martinez
10/2006 Users’ Guide to Mapping Software for Police Agencies Police Foundation User Guide, Mapping Software Crime Mapping
12/2011 Trends in Shift Length: Results of a Random National Survey of Police Agencies Amendola, PhD, Karen Shift Length Police Foundation Report
8/2009 Translating Police Research into Practice Lum, Cynthia Translational Criminology Ideas in American Policing
1/1976 Three Approaches to Criminal Apprehension in Kansas City: An Evaluation Report Pate, T. Et. Al. Law Enforcement, Location-Oriented Patrol, Perpetrator-Oriented Patrol From the Archive
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