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07/2018 Opinions of Officers of the Chicago Police Department on the Upcoming Consent Decree: A Report to the State of Illinois Office of the Attorney General Police Foundation Assessments and Reviews
7/2018 2017 Presidential Inauguration First Amendment Assembly Independent Law Enforcement Review Police Foundation Critical Incident Review
07/2018 Interrupting ‘Near Repeat’ Burglary Patterns: Rapid Identification and Interaction with At-Risk Residents After a Burglary Dr. Karen L. Amendola, Dr. Elizabeth R. Groff, Dr. Travis A. Taniguchi
07/2018 Preventing Near Repeat Residential Burglary – Research Summary Dr. Elizabeth R. Groff and Dr. Travis A. Taniguchi Research Summary
7/2018 Tackling Near Repeat Crime – Strategy Brief Police Foundation
07/2018 5 Things You Need to Know About Near-Repeat Patterns and Crime Prevention Police Foundation 5 THINGS
07/2018 Micro-Level Policing for Preventing Near Repeat Residential Burglary Dr. Elizabeth R. Groff and Dr. Travis A. Taniguchi
3/2018 Non-Fatal Injuries to Law Enforcement Officers – Research Summary Police Foundation Research Summary
3/2018 5 Things You Need To Know About Crime Gun Intelligence Centers Police Foundation 5 THINGS
2/2018 Advancing Charlotte: A Police Foundation Assessment of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Response to the September 2016 Demonstrations Police Foundation Critical Incident Reviews
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