After-Action Review

2017 Presidential Inauguration First Amendment Independent Law Enforcement Review

Publication Date

July 2018


National Police Foundation


The DC Office of Police Complaints (OPC) contracted with the NPF to conduct the independent review of the Metropolitan Police Department’s (MPD) actions on January 20, 2017, regarding interactions with First Amendment assembly demonstrators in the District of Columbia. The review draws on lessons learned during reviews of similar incidents and nationally recognized promising practices to recommend strategies for improvement in MPD’s response to mass demonstrations and to inform the broader law enforcement community as they prepare for future First Amendment assemblies. The issues explored in this review focus on policies and procedures, training, staffing and resource allocation, use of force, dispersal warnings and communication, mass arrest and arrestee processing, and equipment.

Recommended Citation

National Police Foundation. (2018). 2017 Presidential inauguration First Amendment assembly independent law enforcement review.