Technology Innovation for Public Safety (TIPS)

Project Purpose/Goal:

While significant progress has been made to address crime across the United States, there is still a need for continued advancement and innovation to ensure law enforcement is stay ahead of the curve in combating crime. Technology Innovation for Public Safety (TIPS) grantees were awarded funding by the Bureau of Justice Assistance for the implementation of innovative and replicable projects that combat precipitous increases in crime, with an emphasis on addressing violent crime, human trafficking, and the opioid crisis. Since October 2016, the National Police Foundation and our partner SEARCH have provided extensive technical assistance and subject matter expertise to the Technology Innovation for Public Safety Grantees.

Approach, Results, and Implications:

Over the course of the grant, law enforcement departments can request TTA via online request form, email, or phone. With BJA approval, the TIPS team will provide site-specific assistance from some of the nation’s most accomplished technology specialist, researchers, and policy experts who are directly relevant to the innovative technology and criminal justice system. All efforts will incorporate crime science findings to promote the implementation of effective and innovative technology. TTA will be customized and may involve one or more Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) based upon the nature of the request.

Funding & Collaboration:

TIPS Training and Technical Assistance is funded through the Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance. With this funding support, the National Police Foundation and its partners will provide meaningful assistance to agencies deploying innovative technology to address a precipitous crime increase.

Points of Contact:

Jim Burch
Interim President
National Police Foundation

Julia Billings
Project Associate
National Police Foundation


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