Public Safety Open Data Portal

Project Purpose/Goal

The Public Safety Open Data Portal, or “PSODP”, is a web-based platform designed to encourage the creation and use of open data in public safety, in order to improve understanding of policing, improve transparency, enhance community trust and confidence in the police, dispel myths and highlight realities through data. Additionally, it is intended to support the formation of new insights, technologies, and approaches to crime prevention, response, and improved police-community relations.


Approach, Results and Implications

The PSODP will provide the public, law enforcement agencies, researchers, technologists, and other users with access to priority open data sets from state, local and federal law enforcement agencies, such as real-time, near-real-time and historical calls for service data, stops data, crime/incident report data, officer-involved shooting data, assaults on officer data and more.  The PSODP will also include key open data from federal data collections related to policing and public safety, such as the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ (BJS) National Crime Victimization Survey, BJS’ Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics (LEMAS) Survey, and BJS’ Police-Public Contact Survey.  The Portal may also include data sets from federally-funded research, such as the Police Foundation’s research on Abuse of Police Authority, for example.

Users of the PSODP will be able to visualize the open data available through the PSODP in tabular, graphical, and geospatial forms or download the data sets to visualize and conduct analysis using other tools outside of the PSODP.  As the PSODP matures, new and additional data sets will be added, including data from public safety and other realms, such as public health, allowing the data to be combined and analyzed in ways that may not have been previously possible to those outside of the research community and allowing public safety challenges and opportunities to be seen through a new lens.


Funding & Collaboration

The PSODP was launched with the generous support of ESRI, and with input from a variety of agencies and organizations, including the more than a dozen law enforcement agencies participating in the White House’s Police Data Initiative (PDI), as well as other organizations involved in the PDI, including the Arnold Foundation, the Sunlight Foundation and Code for America.  In addition, the Police Foundation Executive Fellows also provided excellent input into the creation of the Portal and the use of open data in policing.


Points of Contact

Hayley Pienton
Project Lead
(202) 833-1460

Jim Burch
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
(202) 833-1460



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