Central Falls (Rhode Island) Police Department Assessment

Project Description/Goals

The Central Falls, RI, Police Department partnered with the National Police Foundation to conduct an organizational analysis of the agency with the goal of improving its efficiency and furthering its commitment to community policing. Upon completion of Phase I of the project, the Central Falls Mayor’s Office awarded NPF additional funding to enter Phase II. This phase will assist with implementation of the recommendations and provide technical assistance to the City in designing and implementing a school-wide security and safety system.

Study Design & Methods

The National Police Foundation conducted a review of the department, its key policing approaches, and core organizational elements. Researcher’s evaluated the Department’s structure and organization by reviewing policy, workload, and staffing, and conducting interviews with outside stakeholders and members of the department.


The National Police Foundation team delivered the final report to the City of Central Falls. Phase II is currently underway.


The City of Central Falls Mayor’s Office provided funding for Phase One and Two.


A final written report was produced by the National Police Foundation and accepted by the City.

Point of Contact

Dean M. Esserman
Senior Counselor, National Police Foundation
(202) 833-1460

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