You Have Options Program: Ashland (Oregon) Police

Project Purpose/Goal

The project goal is to serve as research partner to the Ashland, Oregon Police Department and Jackson County Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) to evaluate the development and implementation of the You Have Options Program (YHOP) on sexual assault and Guidebook for program participants that puts control in the hands of the survivors of sex assault in terms of reporting on the crime and determining when or if a police investigation should commence.

Approach, Results and Implications

The Police Foundation aided in the development of the Guidebook and conducted on-site evaluations in two law enforcement organizations who had adopted the YHOP to assess the extent to which the Guidebook provided them with the necessary resources for program adoption and implementation and identify any areas where the Guidebook could be modified or appended to better assist agencies wishing to adopt the program. The Guidebook was seen as a more efficient means of getting out detailed program information formerly provided in a number of resources including on line tools, classroom training, and by phone.

In mid-2019, it is expected that the Guidebook will be completed by the YHOP staff incorporating recommendations from the National Police Foundation in an effort to better aid the growing number of interested law enforcement agencies.  It is anticipated, based on past experience that this program will provide a victim-centered approach to addressing sexual assault while increasing rates of reporting by victims and enhancing the ability of agencies to identify and prosecute serial offenders.

Funding & Collaboration

This was funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, through a Community Policing Development Grants, under the Microgrants Initiative to the Ashland Police Department, with a subaward to the Police Foundation in September 2015 as the research partner.

Point of Contact:

Karen L. Amendola, PhD
Chief Behavioral Scientist
National Police Foundation


Community policing, sexual assault, sexual assault response teams