Research Partnerships

Project Summary 

In an effort to support law enforcement and public safety associations and organizations and to encourage the development and use of scientific evidence and data, the National Police Foundation has initiated a project to support these organizations through research partnerships. Our goal is to work collaboratively with international, national, regional and local associations and membership organizations to serve as their research partner, providing translational services, qualitative and quantitative research, analysis of policies, technology assessments and reviews, and evaluations to support their efforts.



The National Police Foundation has a formally-established partnership with the following organizations:

Commission for Accreditation in Law Enforcement (CALEA) – The National Police Foundation conducts research, analysis and best practice reviews in support of CALEA’s standards development and review and produces best practice guidance to support CALEA agencies as they reach compliance with CALEA standards.

California Association of Chiefs of Police (Cal Chiefs) – The National Police Foundation serves as the Cal Chiefs Association Science Advisor and in this capacity it provides translational services, policy analysis, and dissemination of evidence-based policing materials to association members. 


Funding & Collaboration

National Police Foundation research partnerships are funded through diverse sources including association funds, private foundation support and through corporate sponsorships and individual donations. To provide support to one or more of these efforts, visit our donation page.


Point of Contact

Jim Burch
National Police Foundation



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