Examining the Implementation of Mindfulness Training among 911 Personnel in Denver, Colorado

Project Purpose/Goal

The purpose of this project was to evaluate a mindfulness training program and its impact on a number of health, wellness, and practice outcomes. The program was developed and implemented specifically for 911 communications center personnel by Be Mindful, a Denver-based nonprofit whose programs have been implemented in schools, private industry, and public safety. The goal was to conduct an experimental evaluation of the training program, and subsequently the addition of organizational support and their efficacy.  Our research partners from the Eastern Virginia Medical School consortium aided in statistical analysis and interpretation.

Approach, Results and Implications

The Police Foundation initially implemented the study based on the impact of the program alone with a treatment group and wait-list control group, and while we did not find significant treatment effects, those scoring hiring on mindfulness also had more positive self-reported well-being and positive psychological indicators.  A second stage study, a quasi-experimental method involved inclusion of the wait list group with the original training group to conduct a pre- post evaluation of the training plus the organizational support and found that when supplemented by organizational support that there were significant impacts. The final report of the study is anticipated to be released in Spring 2019.

Funding & Collaboration

This was funded by a Contract from the National Canine Research Council in March 2018.

Points of Contact

Karen L. Amendola, PhD
Chief Behavioral Scientist
National Police Foundation

Maria Valdovinos, MA (doctoral candidate)
Senior Research Associate
National Police Foundation


mindfulness training, 911 communications centers