Evaluation of Texas Health Resources Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program

Project Summary

The National Police Foundation is evaluating a project of the Texas hospital chain, Texas Health Resources (THR), which is expanding their sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) program. With funding from the Communities Foundation of Texas, THR has expanded its SANE training program, hired additional SANEs, and made sexual assault forensic exams more readily available at small rural hospitals as well as large urban emergency departments.



The evaluation is examining how the project has affected the number of sexual assault forensic exams conducted at each THR hospital, the amount of time patients have to wait for an exam, and number of patients that are transferred away from smaller hospitals in the chain because there are no qualified nurses available to conduct a forensic exam.  In addition, we are conducting annual surveys of SANEs and exit interviews with SANEs who have left the program; interviews with law enforcement personnel, ED staff, and victim advocates; evaluating the program’s outreach and training component; and conducting small studies of interest to program management.  





Funding & Collaboration

This project is being funded by the Communities Foundation of Texas.


Points of Contact

Rob Davis
Chief Social Scientist
National Police Foundation

Kalani Johnson
Research Assistant
National Police Foundation

Michael Lebron
Research Assistant
National Police Foundation



SANE, sexual assault, forensic exam