Police Foundation to Launch Center for Mass Violence Response Studies

In wake of increase in mass violence attacks, Police Foundation creates Center to enhance public safety, government, and community responses

July 9, 2018, WASHINGTON — To further its mission to advance public safety through innovation and science, the Police Foundation — a national, non-partisan, non-profit research organization — is establishing the Center for Mass Violence Response Studies. The mission of the Center is to prepare public safety, government, school, and business and community leaders to think critically about mass violence events, so as to develop and implement comprehensive prevention, response and recovery strategies.

@PoliceFound establishes Center for Mass Violence Response Studies to help prepare leaders to think critically about mass violence events and implement comprehensive prevention, response & recovery strategies. Learn more: policefoundation.org #PFCMVRS

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During the last decade, persons motivated by a range of ideological beliefs and individual factors have engaged in acts of mass violence targeting innocent civilians in communities across the United States. Mass violence attacks, incidents in which multiple persons are killed or injured, have increased in frequency and lethality. While incidents of mass violence, including terrorist events and school shootings, remain relatively infrequent, their effects are devastating for the survivors, families of victims, communities, first responders and the country. For public safety officials, these incidents represent crises that challenge emergency response protocols and demand actionable research to inform policies and practices.

The Center for Mass Violence Response Studies will leverage the Police Foundation’s expertise and its unique position as an independent organization to advise federal, state, and local public safety officials regarding the response to mass violence events. The Center will conduct objective policy-relevant research, critical incident reviews, and provide training and technical assistance to inform strategic thinking, expand knowledge, and advance public safety policies and practices.

“Public safety officials, policy and decision makers, and community leaders learn from research, data, and comprehensive case studies to identify what’s working and what areas can be improved to enhance public safety’s response to mass violence events,” said Chief (Ret.) Jim Bueermann, President of the Police Foundation. “As threats constantly evolve, it is critical that we continuously evaluate protocols to ensure our communities remain as safe as possible.”

The Police Foundation is uniquely positioned to expand on its knowledge and experience in researching, analyzing and educating public safety leaders and the communities they serve regarding the response to mass violence attacks.

The Foundation has conducted critical incident reviews of the San Bernardino terrorist attack, Kalamazoo shootings, and the Pulse Night Club attack. It is currently conducting a comprehensive review of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. In 2015, with funding from the National Institute of Justice and the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, the Police Foundation developed and administers the Averted School Violence database. The Police Foundation is also conducting a state by state review of school facility and building safety and security standards and is leading a Countering Violent Extremism project in the Boston area.

Dr. Frank Straub, the Police Foundation’s Director of Strategic Studies, oversees the Foundation’s public safety, terrorism, school safety and youth violence initiatives and will lead the Center for Mass Violence Response Studies.

Established in 1970, the Police Foundation is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to improving policing through innovation and science. For 48 years, the Foundation has conducted research on all aspects of policing and is leading the way in promoting and sharing evidence-based practices and innovation among law enforcement. The Foundation is currently working with hundreds of police agencies nationwide, as well as internationally, providing research and translation, training, technical assistance, and modern technology implementation. The Foundation is a leader in officer safety and wellness, community policing, open-data, investigations, and law-enforcement technology. The Foundation’s main goal is to improve the way police do their work and the delivery of police services, in order to benefit officers and the communities they serve, as well as reduce crime.

If you would like more information on the Center, please contact Dr. Frank Straub, Director of Strategic Studies, Police Foundation, by email at fstraub@policefoundation.org or by phone at 202-833-1460. You may also visit the Center for Mass Violence Studies website at https://npfcmvrs.org/.