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Police Foundation to conduct comprehensive review of Stockton bank robbery and gun battle

On July 16th, the Stockton Police Department in California responded to a call about a bank robbery at the Bank of the West. When the officers arrived the three robbers fled, taking three hostages with them. Officers gave chase and exchanged fire with the robbers, who had a number of semi-automatic weapons including an AK-47 rifle. The chase ended with the death of one of the hostages.

stockton patchIn order to understand the incident as fully as possible, and to examine all aspects of its response to the robbery and hostage-taking, the Stockton Police Department has commissioned an independent review of all aspects of the July 16th events.  The department selected the Police Foundation to conduct this review and has made it clear they expect a thorough, comprehensive examination.

Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said, “We believe it’s essential that our department learn all it can from this tragic event – but also that agencies everywhere learn all they can from it.  If there are lessons to be learned or ways to improve how an agency responds to this kind of critical, complex event, we want to share those lessons as openly and as broadly as we can.”

The Police Foundation team will interview law enforcement personnel and others involved in the incident, with the aim of preparing a comprehensive report about the police response.  The Police Foundation team  also performed the critical incident review after the Christopher Dorner incident in Southern California (www.incidentreviews.org).

“Our examination of this incident will be complete and unflinching.”  said Police Foundation President Jim Bueermann.  “Our goal is to understand as thoroughly as possible every element of what happened in Stockton on July 16th and to learn all we can about a very complex series of events.  Stockton PD’s willingness to do this is, I believe, based on a desire that all departments learn from this so that someday, a life may be saved,”

Although the examination will be open-ended, it is expected to last several months.  When it is completed, the results will be shared with the Stockton Police Department and posted online at the Police Foundation’s website.

The Police Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan institution based in Washington, D.C. that has been advancing police methods for 44 years by conducting innovative research, and by providing technical assistance to police departments so that they may put that research into practical use.