Police Foundation and International Association of Crime Analysts Help Law Enforcement Leaders to Integrate Crime Analysis into Their Agencies

Crime Analysis Symposium Flyer_0The Police Foundation and the International Association of Crime Analysts (IACA) are inviting law enforcement executives to a free symposium that will enable them to integrate crime analysis in order to make their agencies more effective and efficient. This unique opportunity is supported by the Bureau of Justice Assistance and will be led by a selected cadre of crime analysis and evidence-based policing experts.

The first in a series of national symposiums will kick off in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Wednesday, July 16th at the Microsoft Training Center in One Cambridge Center, Kendall Square, Cambridge (MA). The series, entitled “Advancing Policing Through Innovation and Science: A Crime Analysis Symposium for Law Enforcement Leaders,” will show executives how to integrate crime analysis into their policing strategies to reduce crime rates in a cost-effective way.

This symposium has been developed based on the best practices of crime analysis and draws on the expertise of the Police Foundation and the IACA as well as their affiliates and members. The Police Foundation has been advancing police methods for 40 years through research and working with police departments to put that research into practical use. The International Association of Crime Analysts is a professional association established 24 years ago made up of more than 2,200 crime analyst members in 48 countries.

The symposium presenters have extensive experience in providing law enforcement leaders the tools to use crime analysis most effectively. The team includes a law enforcement executive, two criminologists, and a crime analyst familiar with the integration of crime analysis. Executives will be shown how to expand the use of crime analysis throughout their agencies to process data they are already collecting.

The expert team will explore how agencies of all sizes can integrate approaches such as problem-oriented policing, hot-spots policing, community policing, predictive policing and intelligence-led policing. The symposium will include discussions about “what works,” and will make recommendations based on nationally recognized best practices which will include both promising and evidence based practices.

For more information on the Crime Analysis Workshops for Law Enforcement Executives, contact Adam Kaufman at the Police Foundation, (202) 833-1460 or email akaufman@policefoundation.org

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