New Brief: “Teen Brain: Preparing Your Officers to Engage with Youth”

Just in time for ‘back to school,’ the Police Foundation, in collaboration with the California Police Chiefs Association and the California State Sheriffs’ Association and with funding from the California Endowment, is proud to release the 2nd brief from a series of youth –focused policy briefs, “Teen Brain: Preparing Your Officers to Engage with Youth.”

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The teen brain can greatly affect police interactions.  The part of the brain responsible for impulse control, problem solving, and decision-making are among the last areas to mature, usually not until an individual’s early twenties. Highlighting examples, this brief explores some agencies that have designed programs and developed resources around the challenges of the teen brain. This brief provides a summary of how law enforcement leaders can focus strategies around teens for impactful and positive interactions.

This is the second brief in a four part series of youth-focused policy briefs produced to enhance law enforcement knowledge and understanding of youth development in an effort to improve outcomes for youth interactions with law enforcement. California law enforcement executives, and those nationwide, can use this tool as they examine their policies and processes for ways to improve approaches to youth. The first in this series ‘Issue Brief 1: Introduction’ was released earlier this year.  The series will continue in the coming months with:

  • Defining the Role of School-Based Police Officers; and
  • The Career Pipeline Concept

For more information, visit the Youth Policing Project page.