National Police Foundation helps North Charleston Police implement data-driven reforms

August 19, 2020—The National Police Foundation is at the forefront at providing technical assistance and organizational assessments to local police departments. Our work with the North Charleston Police Department highlights our focus on evidence-based and data-centered assessment and technical assistance. In our initial phases working with the agency, we gathered and analyzed data from the department, as well as local government, non-profit, and community stakeholders. Our data analysis included (but was not limited to) use of force, traffic and pedestrian stops, arrests, and civilian complaints. This is critical work for fulfilling our organization’s mission as these data analysis insights are now being used to provide technical assistance for the North Charleston Police Department’s recruitment, hiring and personnel practices, training, use of force, traffic and pedestrian stops, civilian complaints, accountability and transparency, violence prevention and reduction, and strengthening of police-community relationships. By strengthening our police departments through rigorous training and assistance, we are strengthening our work in the local communities they also serve. 

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