National Police Foundation and partners continue awarding microgrants to first responder families impacted by COVID-19

The National First Responder COVID-19 Grant Relief Program is still continuing to take applications to help first responders and essential public safety staff in need during this difficult time. This program provides first responders an opportunity to request a grant of up to $1,000 to reimburse COVID-related expenses such as counseling sessions for mental health, dependent care, isolation lodging, disinfecting expenses and similar costs.

To date, the National Police Foundation and its partners have awarded over $100,000 to 151 first responders in need, the majority of which have been law enforcement. The below charts show types of first responders that have been awarded so far, as well as the types of COVID- related expenses recipients have requested.

The National First Responder COVID-19 Grant Relief program will continue through the holidays and into the beginning of next year until funds run out.

Microgrants awarded by profession










Type of Expense Requested by Awardees














We know that this holiday season can bring additional financial stresses. The NPF is honored to be able to provide support for first responders for expenses like unanticipated childcare services, increased decontamination expenses, and more.

Please use the link below to find more details about the grant program and to apply:

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