National Law Enforcement Applied Research & Data Platform


Project Summary 

The primary goal of the National Law Enforcement Applied Research and Data Platform (Platform) is to provide law enforcement executives with actionable survey data to inform policy, procedure, and strategy. Internal officer, professional staff, and community/police-community interaction surveys allow agency decision-makers to assess their department from multiple perspectives. Data is provided in near real-time, with agencies having to wait as little as 48 hours for results to be uploaded to the Policing Dashboards Site. Agencies are also provided a written report within 10 business days. The Platform provides an opportunity for agencies to benchmark their results against departments of similar size, and geographic location.



The Platform currently uses three core internal surveys to provide agencies with actionable data. Survey topics for sworn and non-sworn personnel include: safety and wellness; perceptions of the department and the community; and, the impact of technology. The Platform also offers external community surveys in a variety of formats. These surveys measure the community’s perceptions of the department, and police-community interactions. The Platform team also develops surveys in collaboration with, or based on requests by participating agencies, that focus on emerging issues in policing, such as the Crisis Intervention Training survey, and a family wellness survey which is currently under development.

The Platform team works with agency leadership to determine the most effective method(s) for distribution of Internal and community surveys. Results are made available to Platform participants through our online visualization tools, as well as through a written report sent to the agency’s Point of Contact. Benchmarking survey results are made easy through the National Police Foundation’s Policing Dashboards Site (


Project Website



Multi-Agency Summary Report of Survey Results: Officer Safety & Wellness and the Impact of New Technology

5 Things You Need to Know From Agencies Participating in the National Law Enforcement Applied Research & Data Platform


Funding & Collaboration

The National Law Enforcement Applied Research and Data Platform is funded by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ).

The Platform is a collaborative effort between participating agencies (the Platform community) and the Platform’s advisory board, staff and researchers.  The Platform team’s goal is to provide surveys that are responsive to the interests and needs of the Platform community, are timely, and provide actionable data to inform policy, procedure and strategy.

The Platform team has partnered with the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) and the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) to distribute the Crisis Intervention Training survey. The team is currently developing a partnership with The Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) to provide participating CALEA agencies with actionable surveys to evaluate their departments based on accreditation standards. Participating CALEA agencies will be able to benchmark with other CALEA agencies as well as other agencies in the Platform community.


Implications for Policy & Practice

The Platform is rapidly developing a national presence and is providing a source of valuable information to major, mid-size and small departments. The growing community of Platform agencies are using survey data to inform their internal operations and their community outreach and engagement strategies.


Point of Contact

Amanda Burstein
Senior Program Manager
National Police Foundation



Officer safety and wellness; internal procedural justice; technology; community; police-community interactions; benchmarking