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NPF Partners With Manchester (NH) Police Department to Implement CS360—a Collaborative Problem-Solving Model Within a Performance Management Framework

July 26, 2021—The Manchester (NH) Police Department (MPD) is partnering with the National Police Foundation (NPF) to adopt a new initiative that is derived from some aspects of traditional performance management systems used by police departments—CompStat. CS360 is different from traditional CompStat in light of its emphasis on enhanced problem-solving approaches designed to tackle the unique challenges police departments and communities face every day. The CS360 process takes a proactive and solutions-oriented approach, which emphasizes community collaboration, responsiveness, strategic problem solving, and community satisfaction. It is also key to building trust and meaningful engagement between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Where traditional CompStat relied upon crime numbers as the ultimate measure of success, CS360 relies on the extent to which the agency, the community and partner organizations work together to learn and solve problems that may or may not show up in official crime data. At its core is the idea that we cannot ultimately be successful unless we have met our goals in improving safety while maintaining satisfaction and trust with the community and while maintaining an effective police organization and officers.

Since its launch, MPD has driven the CS360 approach forward. MPD has engaged with an inclusive group of stakeholders—both internal and external to the department—to promote the co-production of public safety. With the support of NPF, they have developed an Advisory Team that is co-chaired by a community stakeholder and MPD representative. This Advisory Team will manage CS360 within Manchester and ensure resources are available to support problem-solving efforts. The Advisory Team is currently developing a targeted problem-solving team that will begin to develop metrics and possible solutions to address the critical public safety concern of rising gun violence in Manchester, NH.

“Compstat360 has provided Manchester Police with the framework to address community concerns, specifically in the area of gun crime, through engaging with community stakeholders and developing strategies to solve these issues,” says MPD Chief Allen Aldenberg.  “We have adopted the CS360 process for numerous other problem areas and have seen significant buy-in both within MPD, but also with our partners. CS360 has enabled MPD to be strategic and focused in our efforts.”

To determine the community’s primary public safety concerns, NPF conducted remote interviews with community members, organizations, governmental partners, and additional stakeholders, as well as MPD officers and command staff. The result of this scanning process found that increasing gun crime, as well as the fear of gun crime in the community, were important areas for MPD and the community to collaborate on. The CS360 approach is providing structure and data to collaborative problem solving, to support a comprehensive and proactive response to gun crime. Like many cities and towns across the country, gun crime and subsequently the fear of gun crime, is rising. MPD looks to CS360 as an approach to proactively address these concerns in a sustainable and meaningful way, and to elevate the community as an equal partner in the process.

CS360 builds from the best practices found in businesses, grassroots community organizations, and research methodologies to position public safety solution development to be owned collectively within a community.

NPF is working with policing organizations across the country to implement CS360. For more information and resources around CS360, please visit the website at

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